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Stop wasting time and money trying to start your own online business.

Instead, acquire a profitable, scalable, and durable online business from Day One.


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    Michael Frew

    SaaS Portfolio Operator and Digital Acquisitions Evangelist

    ex-Developer, proud Introvert, lucky Husband, and cool Step-Dad.

    Who am I?

    I'm the owner and operator of multiple Software/SaaS companies acquired for 6 and 7 figures over the past decade.

    My experience educating software developers and IT professionals how to use digital acquisitions as their next career evolution has been featured in multiple of media outlets including FE International, Indie Hackers, and Empire Flippers.

    My Mission

    My mission is to help engineers learn how digital acquisitions can - and should - be their next career evolution.

    • Instead of continually failing to start your own business, get serious about acquiring a profitable online company instead.
    • Invest your time in a profitable, scalable, and durable business from day one.
    • Learn how to operate a business with the intent to sell at a higher valuation, not just make an income.